1.     Get started on your resume: Check out StrategyNYC’s blog RESUME TIPS TO GET YOU HIRED on resume tips.  Always make sure you keep notes on projects you are involved in, and your accomplishments, sometimes it’s easy to forget as you are busy working! Make sure to add these to your resume.  Periodically updating your resume, even if you aren’t looking for work isn’t a bad idea either.

2.     Research: Job searching can be overwhelming because there are SOO many options.  Make it easier for yourself by narrowing down your search.  Figure out the type of company that will be perfect for you: industry, company size, ect.  This will define your search and find the right opportunity for you.

3.     Networking: It’s always helpful to know someone.  Attend industry events, where you can likely meet someone who may be hiring on their team.  Or reach out to that friend who may be able to connect you. Don’t know anyone working for your dream company? No problem! Find them! Just go on Linkedin and message then, chances are, the company has some kind of referral bonus, so they will be more than happy to help you. They get paid, you get a job, win-win for everyone.

4.     Find a Recruitment Agency:  Even if you are completely qualified, it is easy to get lost in a sea of applicants. Find a recruitment agency because they are directly in talks with the hiring managers and recruitment team.  Plus, they are going to work to sell YOU to the company.  It’s always free to use a recruiter, so why not have someone working to help you with your search.

5.     Perfect your Pitch: On an interview, don’t get into an hour long monologue about your job history.  Have a quick pitch to summarize your experience and value you can bring to the company, and they can ask for more details where they would like.

6.     Clean up your Social Media: If you are in the final stages of a selection process, chances are the hiring manager is going to Google you.  I’ve personally seen candidates get rejected because of an inappropriate Facebook or Twitter picture.  Take down anything that may not reflect well, or potentially be considered to anyone.  Keep your profile settings as private as possible.

7.     Dress for Success: Have your interview attire perfected.  This is true for everyone, not just the ladies.  Overdressing is always better than under-dressing, and for an interview it’s always better to keep attire on the simple side.  Even if you are interviewing for a ‘fun and casual’ start up- jeans are probably not what you want to wear.

8.     Follow Up:  Always make sure to follow back up with the team after speaking to them, even if they forget to reach out.  Also, in the event that you are turned down, still check in periodically, because many times the candidate they picked may not have worked out in their first few weeks or could have even fallen through in the offer stage.